J2 Sushi & Tea

The fish used by J2 Sushi & Tea is caught in Irish waters, delivered fresh from Wright’s of Marino, wood-smoked by the chefs and hand-made into little pieces of fishy heaven by Jason, sushi chef extraordinaire and owner. In fact most of what J2 Sushi & Tea cook and serve is Irish. J2 Sushi & Tea like to do things themselves – like all home-made desserts and the different types of soy sauce that the chefs work their magic on.

Its simple, innovative and a perfect choice for those passionate about seafood and herbal teas alike.

Phone: 01-791 9670

Address: Unit 20, The chq Building, North Wall Quay, Dublin 1

Website: www.j2sushi.com

Opening Hours:

• Mon – Fri: 11am-3pm

• Sat & Sun: Closed