The Galleria Information


The lighting can be controlled independently from the main mall lighting. At ground level feature pendent luminaries are controlled through a dimming system. These fittings also provide emergency lighting coverage to the event space at ground level. High level lighting tracks (ERCO 78300 series, 230V) are also installed with each individual length of track controlled through the dimming system. No track mounted fittings are provided. Each track has a minimum loading of 3.5KW per circuit and the maximum total track lighting allowed is 15KW. The track has a maximum weight unit of 25kg per 1.4 linear meters.

Point loads in excess of this limit up to a maximum of 100kg can be supported from the truss nodes of the cast iron roof structure. Low voltage fittings recessed in the ground floor slab are also installed to illuminate the columns and are controlled through the dimming system. These can be deactivated during an event if required.

Additional feature lighting around the glass stairs and lights has been provided to highlight these elements.

Emergency lighting installation/Fire alarm system/CCTV – more information available on request.

General Purpose Power

Throughout the event space general purpose power is installed. Twin 13A single phase 230v sockets are located within recessed floor boxes arranged in a matrix arrangement to provide maximum flexibility throughout the space. In addition thre phase supply is provided on the South East wall at ground floor level, comprising of 2 no 63 amp three phase and 1 no 125 amp three phase supply.

IT & Data system

Throughout the event space 2 no. category 6 outlets are provided at each floor box position to allow maximum flexibility for the end user. The installation includes for passive items only. The patch panel is located in the store in the basement.

Mechanical Services (Heating & Ventilation)

The event space is mechanically heated and ventilated, with air entering the space through floor grilles at the base of the south glazed wall. The system has been designed to control the temperature within the event space from a minimum of 150c to a maximum of 50c above the external ambient temperature. The luminance levels will be 2000 to 5000. UV levels will be correspondingly high. Smoke ventilators at roof level automatically open and close to temper the internal environment. These vents automatically close if it rains. In an emergency fire situation the vents automatically open.

Sprinkler System

More information available on request

Ground Floor Bar Electrics

In the event space are 22mm diameter hot and mains water supplies, a 40mm diameter waste water connection, twin 13A single phase power supplies and two category 6 IT/data points are provided to service a temporary bar location.

The Lift

More information available on request

The Floor

More information available on request.